Star Sports Marketing has a long track record of marketing in a wide range of business sectors and a detailed understanding of current sports marketing issues. Energy, Enthusiasm, Commitment & Innovation are the qualities we bring to every assignment. We are passionate about what we do and eager to add to your success.

Steven Falk

Steven Falk

Steven founded Star Sports Marketing in 2010 to help sports clubs and their sponsors make the most of their assets and investments. Prior to this, he was Director of Marketing at Manchester United.

In a business career spanning more than 35 years, Steven has also held senior management positions at MBNA Europe Bank, Great Universal Stores, Norweb, Astra Zeneca and Ford.

Our Approach

Star Sports Marketing is committed to developing the strongest possible
relationships with our clients. This is our philosophy…

Take the lead

Aim to innovate in terms of the level and quality of service we provide

Look at things differently

Encourage the generation of original ideas through creative thinking

Integrity always

Treat all relationships discreetly, fairly, honestly, professionally and consistently. Always do the right thing and tell it as it is

Keep in touch

Communicate regularly and in the most effective way. Speaking directly where possible and always thinking before pressing “send”

Forward thinking

Plan ahead and work as a team to deliver the desired results

Aim high

Expect and accept from ourselves nothing short of the best

Deal with it

Aim to solve issues at source but being prepared to escalate promptly through the chain of command where necessary

Set targets

Agree performance targets and measure progress against them to ensure that value is delivered to the client

Star Sports Marketing is focused on driving performance and delivering value from our clients’ new or existing sports marketing relationships.

Brand Development

Your brand may be your organisation’s most valuable asset. But your club is much more than a brand. It’s a passion and a dedication. It’s about moments of history and legend and creating future folklore. It’s about spectacle and entertainment. It’s about playing your beautiful game in a beautiful way. A brand review carried out by Star Sports Marketing will ensure that you have the tool-sets to deliver quality and consistency across all your club’s communications. Starting with the history and culture of your club and looking to your on and off-field ambitions, the Star Sports Marketing brand review can identify, develop and integrate:

  • An over-arching company vision and mission statement
  • The brand values to which your organisation aspires
  • Demonstrable behaviours current within your organisation
  • Your operating culture & beliefs
  • The brand essence that defines you as an organisation

The output can include a full brand manual and vision hierarchy that can be rolled out across your organisation both internally and to your external partners.

Sponsorship Activation

Implementing the right sponsorship strategy can be the key to your commercial success. This in turn can help deliver the investment necessary to ensure success on the field. Let Star Sports Marketing help you to achieve this delicate balance and fuel the virtuous circle. Star Sports Marketing has in-depth experience of acquiring, managing and retaining sponsors from both sides of the negotiating table. Key areas of impact are:

  • Identifying the right sponsorship opportunities for your organisation
  • Understanding the value of each element of the sponsorship contract
  • Activating against all of the available rights inventory
  • Managing the relationship to gain added-value
  • Identifying new and unforeseen opportunities
  • Optimising relationships with sponsors
  • Defining your portfolio renewal strategy

At Start Sports Marketing we never forget the importance of a successful sponsorship strategy. Neither do we underestimate the level of commitment required from the playing side of your organisation to deliver it.

Loyalty & Rewards

Your fans are the lifeblood of your club. A successful and sympathetic Membership and Loyalty programme can help cement your fans’ commitment both financially through generation of incremental revenue and emotionally by allowing fans to get closer to the club they love. Star Sports Marketing can help you to achieve these objectives by:

  • Identifying your fans’ needs and aspirations
  • Understanding the club’s commitment and available inventory
  • Designing and developing a suitable Membership and Loyalty programme
  • Delivering the necessary features and benefits of the programme
  • Producing a business plan to justify investment and show potential
  • Advising on the roll-out and implementation both locally and internationally

Customer loyalty is a precious and key business driver. It takes years to nurture and establish and a moment to destroy. Let Star Sports Marketing help your organisation to devise the right approach to release the potential of this rare and valuable resource.


Many sports organisations have used affinity marketing to boost incremental income. Not many have been successful in doing this strategically to gain maximum benefit without damaging cherished brand values. Successful affinity marketing is much more than simply stamping your crest on to a product. It is about:

  • Careful selection of your product portfolio
  • Choosing the right provider for each product
  • Negotiating the right incentive and remuneration deal
  • Utilising the most suitable distribution channels
  • Understanding the value chain and its break points
  • Working closely with the right partners
  • Understanding the needs of your customers

Star Sports Marketing can guide you through each element of the affinity marketing process providing guidance and advice at every stage whether the products are financial services, utilities, or any other form of white label service.


Customer Relationship Management is a highly complex and technical area which when used properly, can deliver real added-value to your organisation. When used badly it can destroy in an instant, the reservoir of goodwill you may have built up with your fans over many years. Star Sports Marketing can deliver a full audit of your CRM status taking into consideration:

  • The extent and quality of your existing customer database
  • The level of compliance with relevant data protection legislation
  • The suitability of the privacy notices for each of your marketing channels
  • The opportunities available to generate more customer data feeds
  • The optimal marketing strategy for use of your data

In addition, Star Sports Marketing can help you to identify and implement the most appropriate software systems and providers to facilitate the continuation of your CRM journey.